Meet the Team

  • Kelvin Jones

    Managing Director

    Kelvin is the company’s Managing Director. His particular specialties are in systems architecture and security. Kelvin’s ideas led to the development of Accelero’s EnGenero application; he is a firm believer that well designed software can be modelled, and where possible the resulting applications should be generated, thus cutting down on human error whilst providing maximum flexibility and improving quality.

  • Richard Gaze

    Technical Director

    Richard is the company’s Technical Director. He has a life-long passion for IT which has developed into a career focused on bringing the benefits from IT solutions to the end users, with a clear focus on the cost / benefit ratio. His speciality is in systems infrastructure and security. Richard has led the development of Genesis and is our Lead Auditor for Cyber Essentials.

  • Kathryn Hubbard

    Business Analyst

    Kathryn joined the team in June 2016 as a Business Analyst. She brings with her a wealth of experience in software development and enjoys working closely with our scrum teams and our external customers to ensure we deliver quality software solutions that meet all our customer’s needs.

  • James Fordy

    Senior Software Engineer

    James joined the company in 2007. He has gained experience in data management and user interface design, providing him with a deep understanding of managing data structures, data transformation and working with large datasets. James has been involved with almost every development undertaken by Accelero Digital and is a key team member of the development of EnGenero. He also manages development and support for a risk engineering application.

  • James Lewis

    Senior Software Engineer

    While at Accelero Digital, James has focused on complex server based processes using languages such as C#, java and SQL. He has been instrumental in the development of the EnGenero code generation routines. His expertise in EnGenero extends to his work on the .EnGenero domain design for ASE web service integration with DCC for the ASe-i project.

  • Ian Welch

    Software Engineer

    Ian has been with Accelero Digital since 2011 and has worked on a number of projects for a variety of platforms. He is a lead developer within the ASe-i project, working on security, code generation and services. He has also played a significant role in the development of the EnGenero designer. Ian has also worked on mobile applications, both Flash and iOS-focused.

  • Ashley Evans

    Cyber Security Analyst

    Ashley is responsible for undertaking Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME audits for clients, gray-box pen-testing of the Company’s various projects and web apps, as well as taking the ASe-i smart metering solution through security, performance and user entry process testing in line with the Smart Energy Code.

  • James Duncan

    Graphic Designer

    James has been with Accelero Digital since 2007 and is responsible for designing the user interfaces for many of the applications that we work on and takes responsibility for usability and layout. As well as working on design, James also helps out with development using our EnGenero platform and has experience working on a number of different products for a variety of customers.

  • Dean Russell

    Support Officer

    Dean has been with Accelero Digital since 2008 and manages the helpdesk, ensuring customers' support calls are met with sift resolutions whenever possible. He is well-versed in SQL, enabling him to create and maintain reports for our customers' applications. He has also heavily involved in the design of data structures and screens for applications using EnGenero. 

  • Mark Evans

    Software Engineer

    Mark primarily develops applications using EnGenero; for him, extending and maintaining existing architectures is a top priority. Here, his task is to take what EnGenero deploys and interpret the dynamic link library, database schema's, web services, security and runtime information to produce high quality applications. His knowledge of EnGenero has allowed him to play a role in the delivery of a number of projects, from simple to more advanced data structures and complex object oriented architectural design.

  • Lawrence Griffiths

    Software Engineer

    Lawrence has been with Accelero since 2013 and has primarily worked on development of Microsoft MVC  and jQuery applications, including defining the approach that we would use on generating MVC applications from EnGenero. He is also working on generated data access layers with Entity Framework, as well as supporting existing application using a variety of technologies including and Java.

  • Laura Daniel

    Office Administrator

    Laura is the first point of contact for many of our customers and ensures that all support issues are resolved quickly by the relevant team. She also looks after the company's social media accounts and keeps an eye out for new business opportunities. Laura also performs end user testing and contributes to the user guides to help our customers make the most of their applications.

  • Ricky Warren

    Systems and Support Manager

    Swansea-born Ricky is an experienced IT professional having worked for more than 17 years in the industry. His role at Accelero is basically to fix things, which is probably why he never says no to a coffee (particularly if someone else is making it so he can get on with fixing things!).

    Ricky is known for his patience but none of us actually know his real first name. Neither does he like having his photo taken so we reckon he’s probably...

  • Stephen Fisher

    Software Engineer

    Stephen's skillset covers a wide range of areas that have been put to good use since he joined Accelero Digital in 2016. His main focus has been on a bespoke C# application for one of our customers, as well as contributing to other generated applications.