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We’re back in Cardiff this week: this time, we’re heading to the Mercure Holland House Hotel for the Cymorth Cymru Annual Conference. It is the second year in a row we're exhibiting at the Conference and we are excited to return not just to promote the upcoming launch of Genesis, but to hear the latest from a sector that has inspired us with the work that they do.

The Conference comes at an interesting time for those in the Supporting People sector, with the Welsh Assembly elections coming up in May. Against a backdrop of funding cuts, there are a number of challenges faced by the Supporting People sector and the public sector in general, with the outcome of the election potentially having an impact on funding for some areas. The good news is that the Supporting People Programme will be protected from further cuts for the upcoming financial year (2016/17).

So, where does a software development company fit in to all this?

With Genesis, our aim is to provide a way of planning, implementing and monitoring the support given to vulnerable people, while at the same time making reporting to commissioners an easier process. By gathering information from an array of areas and bringing it into one, easy-to-use system, the recording of outcomes is made efficient, so that more time is spent with the people being supported, rather than behind a desk.

The benefits of Genesis can be felt across the whole organisation. Support Workers can update notes and support plan goals quickly and easily; Team Leaders can see how their staff are working and address potential issues before they become problems; Managers can see how the organisation is performing as a whole and demonstrate to local authorities and commissioners the quality of support being provided.

All this means that organisations are able to show that funding is being used effectively and, most importantly, that a real difference is being made to the lives of those people receiving support.

You can find out more about Genesis over here, or simply drop by our stand at Cymorth Cymru’s Annual Conference this Wednesday.

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