The IASME Standard

Are you an SME who wants to demonstrate that you're taking a good approach to cyber security? The IASME Standard can help you do just that.

Accelero Digital can help your organisation achieve the IASME Standard, providing you with a cost-effective way of demonstrating your level of information assurance to your clients.

The IASME Standard is an information assurance certification that is based upon international standards such as ISO 27001. Designed with SMEs in mind, it enables organisations to demonstrate their adherence to information assurance processes and increase their clients’ confidence.

The IASME Standard focuses on a number of cyber security procedures, from access control and employee vetting to incident management and business continuity, but from a perspective to which SMEs can relate.

Organisations can achieve the IASME Standard in two ways: as a self-assessment or by having their information assurance process independently audited by an accredited certification body.



  • Cost-effective way of demonstrating your organisation’s information assurance level
  • Designed with SMEs in mind, making it more achievable than more onerous standards
  • Makes your data governance processes more robust
  • Enhances your organisation’s cyber security controls
  • Increased client confidence in your information assurance level
  • When combined with Cyber Essentials Plus, it provides a solid all-round approach to cyber security



Accelero Digital is an IASME-accredited certification body for the IASME Standard, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Having attained Cyber Essentials Plus and the IASME Gold Standard ourselves, we understand the importance of implementing good cyber security practices and the benefits of being able to demonstrate this to our clients.

Our experienced cyber security personnel are on hand at every stage of the assessment process, from planning and implementing prior to the audit, to the maintaining of cyber security controls. We can provide detailed feedback regarding any aspect of your cyber security that is not quite up-to-scratch to help you achieve compliance.



For further information about the IASME Standard and how Accelero Digital can help you achieve it, please contact us via or +44 (0)1656 648200.

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