Genesis - Supporting People Software

Genesis offers an innovative, intuitive way of planning, implementing and monitoring the support your organisation provides to vulnerable people.


Accelero Digital have developed Genesis with users of a previous system used by a number of organisations within the Supporting People and Tenancy Support sectors. Designed with support workers in mind, Genesis provides an efficient and effective solution to support planning. It is also designed around the individual. All manner of information regarding a client can be recorded, ensuring all needs can be assessed and supported. It ties in with a person-centric approach to ensure the support provided is tailored to the individual needs and goals of a client.

“Richard (Technical Director, Accelero Digital) always asks the right questions, the ones that let him build a system that really works for us. It feels like it moulds around our service as opposed to us having to fit into it.”

Dacorum Borough Council


  • People-centric – Genesis helps support workers deliver an efficient, effective service tailored to those in need.
  • Data kept secure and confidential – the system is developed to be secure and benefits from Accelero Digital’s own robust security practices. Data is held in a secure datacentre in the UK, operated by our hosting partners.
  • Users defined by role – staff are only able to access what they need to, minimising the risk of an accidental data breach.
  • Designed with users, for users – we worked through an agile development process with users of the previous application to ensure that what we developed is in line with the needs of the support community at its heart.
  • Flexible – changes (e.g. to legislation) can be easily incorporated, thanks to our innovative software development approach.
  • Available on tablets – mobile working is enabled via tablets, with data captured off-site reflected on-site.
  • Up-to-date – users see most recent data each time they log in.
  • Easy access – to make the most of Genesis, you only need a compatible browser.
  • Cost-effective - as there is no need to extend your current IT capabilities due to Genesis being cloud-based.
  • User customisation - support workers can select and arrange widgets on their dashboard to help them be more productive in their day-to-day role.
  • Compliance reporting - provides proof that mandatory checks (e.g. fire alarms) are being carried out.
  • Continuous improvement - Moving On reports help convey the effectiveness of the service provided
  • Staff accountability - each action is audited, ensuring all updates and changes are attributed to a user.
  • Efficient reportingkey indicators are easily demonstrated in customisable reports, enabling organisations to record and report vital data required by commissioners or local authorities.
  • Demonstrate value for money – actions can be linked to financial outcomes, such as external grant applications, showing services as good value.
  • Proactive service management – management and staff users can see potential areas that need addressing before issues arise.
  • Improve efficiency – see how time can be better-utilised by recording how time is spent, e.g. staff turning up to “no show” client meetings.
  • Streamlined processes – time sheets, expenses, day-to-day activity all recorded easily within the system.
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