Bespoke Development

We develop systems using EnGenero, our innovative code generation platform, to deliver cost-effective applications that are designed around the user in less time.

At Accelero Digital, we have been designing and delivering high-performance software solutions since 2006.

Whether small- or large-scale systems, we have worked with clients in a variety of sectors, helping them realise their vision using our innovation and expertise. Using our extensive knowledge and experience, we aim to deliver high-quality software to enable our clients to unleash their potential. We have designed systems used in a wide range of areas: from airport security to insurance risk engineering, to the Supporting People sector and sports performance, our creative, design-centric approach to software development has helped numerous clients make the most of technology.

By delivering bespoke software systems that are aligned with a client’s requirements, we help organisations expand their business, incorporating powerful, intuitive solutions to help them realise their vision. Using our innovative EnGenero platform, our developers are able to deliver software systems quicker than using traditional development methods.

As the code is generated, there is none of the human error associated with hand-coding; it also allows us to replicate more difficult areas of systems (such as security) consistently, resulting in a higher quality, more robust product.

Whether it is developing a whole new application, integrating new or existing systems, data migration or rules and workflows, EnGenero deliver effective solutions to help make your business processes more efficient.


  • Quicker and easier development of systems
  • Simpler integration between multiple systems
  • Web service generation with necessary security as standard
  • Optimise services for performance
  • Reduced manual testing required – reduces overall cost
  • Code generation means it is significantly quicker than hand-coding
  • Complex service architecture made scalable and secure


Our highly-skilled team of software developers have experience in different disciplines and languages, allowing them to choose the best approach when it comes to meeting your organisation’s needs.

With the majority of the development team having Professional Scrum Master and Professional Scrum Developer qualifications and our directors having Professional Scrum Product Owner qualifications (all certified by, you can be assured that you will be involved at each stage of development to ensure that your system is designed with you in mind.

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