About Us

The backbone of our business is based on our core values of innovation, expertise and security.

At Accelero Digital, our mission is simple: to use our extensive software development experience to deliver tangible business results, enabling our clients to profit from the advanced use of technology.

Based in South Wales with clients operating around the UK and Europe, we are driven by our values of innovation, expertise and security, accelerating the realisation of our clients’ vision.

Since our formation in 2006, we have grown steadily as a result of the bespoke development projects we've undertaken for a number of clients from several diverse sectors. From airport systems and insurance risk engineering to supporting people and sports performance, we have experience of designing and delivering a variety of high-performance systems, both small- and large-scale.

Our innovative code generation platform, EnGenero, has been at the core of our activities since 2011. Taking a code generation approach allows our developers to consistently produce high quality applications in less time than traditional development methods. Using EnGenero allows us to meet our clients’ needs while remaining flexible and able to accommodate any future changes they wish to make.

We use EnGenero to help organisations make the transition to the cloud, as well as for integration or data migration services. Our developers are on hand each step of the way to ensure the process is efficient.

Our experienced team combine their technical expertise with a creative, design-centric approach to software engineering. We work closely with our clients to ensure that what we deliver fits around their needs and not the other way around. This approach is demonstrated by our ISO 9001 certification and CompTIA AccredIT UK Trustmark+.

Accelero is accredited by IASME to assess and certify against the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus scheme, as well as the IASME Standard. Our experienced cyber security personnel are also able to advise clients on how to achieve Cyber Essentials certification. The company has achieved Cyber Essentials Plus and the IASME Gold Standard, demonstrating our desire to enhance our cyber security. 

Combining our cyber security experience with our software development expertise, we work towards a goal of ‘secure by default’ by delivering secure software to cyber security aware and information assurance certified clients.

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